All India Deaf & Dumb Society (AIDDS)
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All India Deaf & Dumb Society (AIDDS)
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All India Deaf & Dumb Society (AIDDS)
About Us

All India Deaf & Dumb Society (AIDDS) has been formed by public spirited persons for the benefit and welfare of Deaf &  Mutes irrespective of sex, race, religion, castes, creed, colour.  It was registered  in the year 1956 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 under no. S 963 of 1956.  The office is located at Plot No. 4 & 7, Institutional  Area, Kadkadi Mode, Vikas Marg Extension, Delhi-110 092.(behind Deepak Memorial Hospital).

AIDDS Objects

To foster the spirit of goodwill, co-operation and self help among its members and others and thus  to  create and promote the spirit of fellowship brotherhood, co-operation and harmony among the deaf and dumb and the general public.

Mission Of AIDDS

AIDDS  has been striving hard to achieve the goal of total rehabilitation  forthe poor and hearing impaired children who on a large extent are ignored and rejected by the community  and some times  even by their families.

Disabled  deaf and mute children face a difficult  future although their basic needs are no way different from a normal child.  Every such child should get an opportunity for basic education, nutrition, health and medical facilities.

Special Features Of The School
Most of its students come from slum colonies and poor families.

Location of the school makes it easy  for the poor slum dwellers to  benefit  from the special free education provided to deaf and mute   children by the School.

The school tries to create awareness in Society about the causes of deafness i.e. mal-nutrition, lack of medical guidance, healthcare mother and child at appropriate time : during pregnancy and early  childhood.
All India Deaf & Dumb Society (AIDDS)

All India Deaf & Dumb Society (AIDDS)